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Maroochy High School students rock!


Last week we had the pleasure of sharing our passion for Karate with some of Maroochydore State High School Yr 8 students.

A super effort by all the students who participated in this experience that was organised by Japanese language teacher, Tammy Di Pietra.

A ‘BIG SHOUT OUT’ to Tammy. She is an incredible teacher, always looking for ways to share great experiences with her students and help them bring out their best.

For the amazing Year 8 students…
We had a blast working with you all and are so very grateful for this experience. Don’t forget…. sometimes choose to take a moment for yourself. Put the technology devices down, clear all distractions and learn about you. Challenge your mind, body and emotions.

In these moments you will learn about the most amazing person that you will ever meet, “YOU”. You are filled with great potential and all you need to do is to give yourself time.

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