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Soke & Higuchi Sensei Visits SCK:


It was wonderful to see so many people in the dojo over the last 2 days for training with our special guest instructors, Soke & Higuchi Sensei. We are very lucky to be hosting them as the kick off their 2019 Australian dojo tour starting with 2 days of teaching on the Sunshine Coast.

Yesterday we had some special Sunday clinics, covering kihon, kata, and good session breaking down niseishi bunkai. This was a bit of a treat for some of the junior members who attended, doing this for the first time.

After a short lunch break, we had a kobudo session with Higuchi Sensei for brown & black belts. Then we finished off a long day of training with a session on henshuho with Soke. (Sorry no photos from Sunday’s training.)

Morning training this morning was great, which was well attended by seniors. The normal quick paced Kihon training, followed by a kata review and finishing off with some partner kaishu training.

This evenings classes the dojo was packed in all the classes.

Here are a few photos, videos to follow.

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