Message from local committee:


“What best way to celebrate a new year of karate training than to kick start 2020 with a new fundraiser for our club? Grill’d Sunshine Plaza is helping us with their Local Matters fundraising opportunity. For those who don’t know much about Grill’d and the Local Matters program, Grill’d is a healthy (and yummy!!) burger joint that puts up a monthly fundraising event which sees three different local community groups challenge for a piece of the $500 monthly donation. Three jars are set up near the register at Grill’d and when you make a purchase, you receive tokens to put into the jar of your choice. The community group with the most tokens at the end of the month receives $300 and the other groups get $100 each.

So if you happen to be wandering at the Sunshine Plaza between the 1st and 31st January, grab a Grill’d burger and support your club! Tell your families and friends and let’s get voting!

Your association is hard at work looking for opportunities like this one and we are very excited for the year to come! Watch this space to find out more on what we’ve been up to!”

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