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SCK families, we are growing ‘big time’!


Three days into our live streaming and our classes are getting bigger and the energy is lifting. We can feel your presence through those cameras.

We won’t be crawling through these uncertain times, we are running. We are running together. We will come through to the other side as a far greater person because of this experience.

Parents – You guys ROCK! Watching our parents jumping in to support our younger students is PRICELESS. We encourage all parents to come along for the ride. Share these sweaty and smiley sessions together. You will get lost in the moment and feel better for it. You will activate greater clarity to help you move forward and maybe like me, you’ll feel like a kid again.

Your kids need you right now, and you need your kids.

Here are some happy snaps from some of today’s classes. A massive thank you to all of you who are running with us. We are grateful to be working with you all.

Let’s GROW!!

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