A touch of magic:



  • We welcomed Debbie back to work. Thank you Debbie for your patience whilst we pick up the pieces and put it all back together. Wonderful to have you back on board.
  • We came together to enjoy our biggest online class yet. Although we had some tech issues it was great to see you all. Apologise if we didn’t get to connect with you personally.
  • We heard some special words that were spoken beautifully by both Maureen and one of our extraordinary leaders, Patrick. ?

Thank you everyone for a wonderful afternoon/evening in the dojo. See you all tomorrow for some more fun.


  1. A new training schedule for you all to enjoy
  2. The return of Sensei Helen and Sensei Bailey
  3. The return of our amazing leadership team

REMINDER: YOU matter, YOUR health matters (physical, mental and emotional), YOUR goals matter and you have new heights to achieve in 2020 not only for you but for those you love most. Let’s keep living in 2020!

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