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It’s time for a virtual high-five for team SCK:


Thank you to all students and families for sending through your encouragement to keep our Sunshine Coast Karate family together during these uncertain times. LET’S GROW!!!

“Thank you Martin and Sandra for doing such a wonderful job keeping the karate team together. Tenaya and Chloe enjoyed there lesson tonight, especially with sound and look forward to tomorrows lesson. Loving your enthusiasm, positive attitudes and love.” ~ Savannah Grice

“It’s so nice to have an activity that Seb loves that he can still do. I’m so glad you have been able to adapt to these very challenging times and hope your business continues to thrive over the weeks ahead.” ~ Annette Bailey

“We thought the on-line class went very well and thanks for your and Sandra’s effort to keep karate happening.” ~ Karen & Emmett Furner

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