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Everyone needs to stay healthy and active!


To help our community combat Coronavirus, we are now 100% virtual (live streaming 6 days a week), and we have an online member website that you can access anytime. It’s so important to stay active now more than ever.

From the safety of your home, you’ll:

  • Enjoy structured activities
  • Stay healthy and active
  • Stay ‘socially connected’ in a dynamic community of like-minded people
  • Bring your family together and move through these uncertain times with a sense of normality and purpose.
  • And, you will have loads of FUN!!!

Don’t let Coronavirus stop you and your family from living strong, healthy lives! YOU matter, YOUR health matters (physical, mental, emotional), YOUR goals matter and YOU have new heights to achieve in 2020 not only for you but for those you love most. Let’s keep living in 2020!

Connect with Martin & Sandra today on 0435 255 323 or book in a free 15 minute private lesson via our website: www.SunshineCoastKarate.com.au

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