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A special gift for our mum’s and dad’s:


To the ‘Super Hero’ parents who are striving to keep life as normal as possible for our kids, we thank you. From the time you wake up to the time your head hits the pillow, life may throw you a combination of chaos and miracles. But, no matter what, you still have to rise the next day and keep on going.

We can make it a little easier for ourselves if we stop and give ourselves time. Time to breathe, to be still, to exercise, to be unplugged from technology, to eat well and anything else that elevates us. Just a small piece of time out of the 24 hours that we get to spend each day, is all that it takes to refuel and keep moving throughout our day with energy, confidence, clarity and a state of calm.

From us to you, we would like to gift you with some free online training (teens/adult basic training classes). This free online training is for all of the parents who have been sitting on the sidelines watching their kids train and it will continue through to the reopening of the dojo. You will also have ‘unlimited access’ to our basic classes just as your kids do. And, you can even do a few classes with your kids to keep those smiles smiling in your home. Connect with us anytime, to activate your free online training.

Here are a few photos celebrating some of the families that have trained and/or are training at Sunshine Coast Karate.

Let’s Grow!!

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