Leaders in the making:


It’s been almost two weeks of training online and I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to our Little Champions and Karate Kids.

Here is what I am seeing taking place before me and what I am hearing from parents:

  1. I see kids that are committed and doing all they can to keep training. We have kids in small bedrooms, kids training outside and everything in between. These kids are making the most of what they have as they strive to stay connected and continue moving towards achieving their goals.
  2. This morning I watched kids helping their parents train in the day class. These kids were little rockets, challenging their dads every step of the way and sharing a joy that would warm anyone’s hearts.
  3. I am hearing about kids that are moving away from using words of ‘entitlement’ and replacing them with words of compassion and gratitude.
  4. I am hearing about kids that are showing maturity beyond their years and demonstrating greater understanding, support and patience for mum, dad and their family unit.
  5. I am watching kids training online, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and challenging every part of themselves. They may not realise this, but I can see them nurturing respect, personal responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork, courage, strength, determination, perseverance and patience with every class.

When I think about what the future looks like for these kids…

It’s these kids that are going to move through these times and be a blessing to their families, friends and communities. It’s these kids who will soon become adults and take on leadership roles in their chosen fields. They will have the qualities to face life’s challenges head-on and they will rise to the challenges put before them. They will continue to take steps forward because this is what they are practicing and this practice will stay with them for life.

Take a moment and look at your Little Champions and Karate Kids with love, appreciation and admiration. These kids are strengthening from within before your very eyes. Know that by the time we have moved through these uncertain times, they will be in a far greater place and be a wonderful asset to you, your family and our wider community.

Thank you to all of our families who are supporting and encouraging our kids and giving them opportunities to practice the positive qualities listed above.

Let’s help our Little Champions and Karate Kids become the extraordinary leaders that they deserve to be.

Let’s Grow!!

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