Social catch up:


It was great doing social catch up with some of our adult members today via zoom.

One of the topics for discussion was about our setup for training at home. We get an insight into everyone’s life, and we know there are some students following the lessons on their ipad or computer. Some are dodging furniture or training outside while their pets are walking through the middle of their dojo. Some people are training in some pretty tight spaces, others are out on the balcony.

Whatever the setup, we find it incredibly inspiring that so many students are training so hard despite less than ideal circumstances.

We see student not only making do, but using this as an opportunity to accelerate their training.

Members have had a bit of a view into our home dojo from the camera’s perspective throughout the many video classes we’ve run from our home dojo over the last month.

Here’s a bit of a look how we see things.

Normally one of us spends the majority of the class in front of the camera teaching the class whilst the other works behind the scenes spotlighting students organising groups, recording attendance, doing progress checks, marking attendance.

We film using the built in webcam on our laptop and we mirror the display on on a big TV (65 inch) via HDMI cable. We started out with a smaller 32 inch TV, but when we have 25 different video feeds to watch at the same time we found that was a bit too small.

For lighting we use 2x softbox video lights, plus natural light from side throughout the day and early afternoon via the garage door. At night time we also use an additional LED video light from the side to take out most of the shadows.

We’d love to see some photos of your training setup and if you have any useful hacks to share that might also help someone else, please share.

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