The last few months has been challenging for a lot of people for so many different reasons.

We made the decision early on to use safe “physical distance” practices rather than buying into the idea social distancing. We wanted to use the online karate classes as a way to help our members stay socially connected, keep active and stay focussed on living.

Thankfully a lot of our members listened to this and have used the opportunity to train online as the fuel to keep moving forwards rather than being overtaken by depression and isolation.

One of our karate families in particular was hit hard early on, but with a little bit of encouragement, they’ve been training training nearly every day since we started teaching online classes.

Here’s what Matt has to say (shared with his permission).

“Thanks again for dedicating your time to the online classes I was heading for a dark corner and it really saved me from getting depressed. It’s been really good for the whole family’s well being and I’m extremely grateful.”

It’s messages like that have encouraged us to keep the online classes going. Even though we’ll be able to get back in the dojo again soon, the online classes are here to stay.

Please share with your family and friends.

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