We’re back!!


It was so good to get back into the dojo again from yesterday after only doing online classes for the last 2 months.

Classes were still a bit small due to the short notice with the lifting of restrictions brought forward. Also when combined with the fact that we’re still working our way through getting class bookings sorted out it might still be a few days before we are able to operate at our maximum allowable capacity.

If you have submitted booking requests and still waiting for confirmation, please be patient, we are getting through them as quickly as we can and we will respond to everyone.

Class sizes at the dojo are strictly limited for now, so unfortunately some people may not get exactly what they want, however online video classes will also be continuing so you don’t have to stop training.

It’s so good to be getting back to normal.

It also good continue with your some of the new normal (video classes) as we move forward.

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