Thank you team SCK:


As we wrap up the school term we wanted to give a big shout out to all SCK members and families. We are so grateful for ‘YOU’. We are grateful for you being ‘you’ through these uncertain times.

No matter what you have been enduring in your lives, you continue to share the best of yourselves and help to strengthen and lift all who are fortunate to cross your path. Thank You!!

Although we didn’t capture many photos throughout term 2, we did embrace many magic moments with you all both in our online classes and in the dojo. Moments that we’ll remember for a long time to come. Thank You!!

We are so excited now to be counting down the days for when all members can finally return to the dojo (from July 13). Yes, we will continue online classes 3 times a week as they have proven to be a magnificent training tool. Not only have these online classes helped us all stay connected, but they have also brought about some great growth on the technical front for many students.

Here are a few photos of the online karate kids class this afternoon. We finally got to see a victory for the boys team. Well done boys!! And, there were a few more Aces floating about in today’s class which seemed to make class a little more challenging.

Classes will continue both online and at the dojo throughout the school holidays, so be sure to have a super time with your family and friends whilst also enjoying a few karate classes to keep you moving towards your training goals.

Let’s Grow!!!!

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