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Family time in the dojo. Gotta love it!!


Saturday morning Little Champions Class is quickly becoming a family class, with Mums & Dads joining the class to train along side their Little Champions. Here are a couple of photos from the last couple of weeks.

Isabel celebrating 2 years in the dojo, and Fiona (Mum) joined for her first class at the dojo after joining in with some of the online classes.

And now that John (Dad) has joined we have the whole Buck family enjoying time together.

We love seeing families train together. So when Mum or dad join as a member, quite often they do their own adult classes, but we also give them the opportunity to join any of the kids classes with their own children at no additional charge.

We also wanted to share these photos to highlight our new referral program for members.

As a member, if you refer a new member you earn $100 credit to spend at Sunshine Coast Karate. Or, if that person you refer is a family member from the same household, such as Fiona & John they get their first 4 weeks of training free once they have joined.

Fiona & John are the very first people to get 4 weeks FREE training and we’re looking forward to rewarding more members with referral credits.

Thank you Isabel for getting Mum into the dojo & thank you to the Buck Family for getting John (Dad) into the dojo.

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