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Let’s take a moment to celebrate these wonderful students. Aaruv and Shay (1 Year)Ben (2 years)Lyriic, Nakoa & Mahirah (3 years)Steven (7 years)Robbie & Jamie (8 years)These students aren’t celebrating days and months in the dojo, they are celebrating YEARS in the dojo. ‘Commitment’ is a quality that we practice in the dojo which becomes a wonderful asset to all of us in our lives. Committing to being just 1% better today sets us on a path of discovering a more fulfilling life.We are so proud of all of our students at the dojo who choose to ‘practice’ commitment no matter what challenges they are confronted with on this journey. A special thank you to all parents and family members who are being amazing supporters from both the sideline and in the dojo leading by example.Let’s Grow!!

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