These Little Champions might be full of joy and smiles celebrating together, but if you get a chance to see them in action, you’d be amazed. Within seconds, these kids can go from filling the dojo with their contagious laughter and joy to making a quick decision to ‘focus.’ They aren’t just focusing their eyes and body, but they are also learning about how to focus their minds.

Helping these wonderful kids to practice the art of directing their minds and creating results (that they want to experience) is…. PRICELESS.

They quickly realise that they do have a level of control over their lives and they stand taller, breathe more deeply and their smiles are larger than life.

Congratulations to all our Little Champions earning new levels throughout this week.

I love the balance of ‘Fun’ and ‘Focus’ and I can’t wait to learn from you all in our upcoming classes. And, yes…. we’ll always do our best to help you learn something new and help you find ways to improve on the skills that you have already learned.

Let’s keep powering along together. Let’s Grow!!

PS – Thank you to all of our parents jumping into classes and leading by example.


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