Grading Success


GRADING SUCCESS: Here are a few photos that we’ve collected to help celebrate students who recently earned new levels. Although these new belts light up the dojo and capture our attention, take the time to chat to any one of these students to learn more about their grading experience.

There have been:
– A lot of hours invested into the learning process.
– Countless challenges to navigate through.
– Moments of defeat and struggle within themselves to maintain a level of consistency to create change.
– The presence of ‘patience’ whilst waiting to be invited to challenge for a grading.

Look for the transformation taking place within these students from this inside out and you’ll be truly amazed.

Congratulations to all students grading at our recent grading. We are very proud of all of you and look forward to learning and growing along side if you in the dojo.

Let’s Grow!!

Congratulations to all students who graded in our final grading for the year.

12th Kyu – Yellow belt
John Cranefield
Destyn Faux
Alec Goldmann
Mark Straub

11th Kyu – Orange belt, white stripe
Jeffrey Dyer

10th Kyu – Orange belt
Maya Batic
Isabella Cutuli
Arkady Dyer
Benjamin Hall
Rupert Hall
Elora Lippey
Ella Reilly
Keahi Seni

9th Kyu – Green belt, white stripe
Sai Colless
Rhiannon Saunders
Rachel Thomas

8th Kyu – Green belt
James Craven
Tianna Groth
Charlie-Anne Hargraves
Shane Smith

7th Kyu – Blue belt, white stripe
Connor Jordan
Jaskaran Joseph
Maureen Khan ** Double grading
Lachlan Thomas
Robbie Warren

6th Kyu – Blue belt
Tia Barr
Jacqui Lippey

5th Kyu – Purple belt, white stripe
Tenaya Grice
Na’ila Khan
Timothy Probert

3rd Kyu – Brown belt, white stripe
William Baarslag

2nd Kyu – Brown belt
Sonya Wright

These grading results were previously published, but were removed as a result of the web server being hacked.  Hopefully the are here to stay now.

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