Greater Brisbane 3-Day Lockdown


From 6pm this evening (Fri, 8 Jan), Greater Brisbane area has gone into a 3-day lockdown, while contact tracers work to ensure the UK variant of COVID-19 is not circulating in the community.

This lockdown will be in effect until 6pm Monday 11 January.

Whilst we fall outside of the area that has gone into lockdown, officials are asking anyone who was in Greater Brisbane on or since 2 January, to follow the same lockdown rules where they are now. Only leave your home for the essential reasons and wear a mask.

If you have been in Brisbane in this period (on or since 2 Jan), we ask that you do not attend classes at the dojo for the duration of this lockdown. If this means that you cannot attend your normal class(es) at the dojo either Saturday or Monday, you are welcome to do online classes.

If you have not been to Brisbane, please feel free to attend classes as normal at the dojo.

Classes will continue as normal at the dojo and online. In addition, we will be holding a one off online family class tomorrow (Saturday) for anyone that has been effected and is unable to attend their normal Saturday class at the dojo.

An email has been sent to all members with links to online classes, if you have not received the email and would like the details for the online classes, please contact us.

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