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A touch of inspiration to begin your week:


Feature Interview with Mel Fawcett

This week we are fortunate to be sharing this student profile with you all. Mel is a single parent & Co-Founder of a Start-Up Media & Education Company. Mel is obsessed with long distance running, the ocean and the outdoors and loves to physically and mentally push herself. Mel and her son, Euan, love all things Japanese including Sushi, Green Tea, Anime, Manga & of course Pokemon!

Learn more about: Why Mel and Euan started karate? Some of the biggest changes they’ve experienced since starting karate The most important lessons learned in the dojo so far

And more…Check out the full interview here: https://karate4life.com/karate-is-about-peace-mel-fawcett-studentprofile/

Thank you to both Mel and Euan for not only being a part of our Sunshine Coast Karate community but for also taking the time to share more about their journey so far.

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