Grading Results:


Congratulations to all students who successfully graded to new levels in May.

12th Kyu – Yellow belt: Neve Boxer, Axel Dede, Mary Parle, Grace Patà, Xavier Pedrana, Ian Razzell, Anna Yost

11th Kyu – Orange belt, white stripe: Luca Commisso, Alec Goldmann, Oliver Krausz, Mark Straub, Mitchell Stringer *** Double grading

10th Kyu – Orange belt: Kai Gray, Debra Strazzari

9th Kyu – Green belt, white stripe: Carina Bertoldi, Dean Ellis, Cody Groth

8th Kyu – Green belt: Rachel Thomas

7th Kyu – Blue belt, white stripe: Matt Doecke, Charlie-Anne Hargraves

6th Kyu – Blue belt: Noah Smith

5th Kyu – Purple belt, white stripe: Katja Baarslag, Jacqui Lippey

4th Kyu – Purple belt: Miyuki Power

3rd Kyu – Brown belt, white stripe: Sidakpreet Makkar *** Double grading

2nd Kyu – Brown belt: Flynn Jordan, Raiyan Khan

1st Kyu – Brown belt, black stripe: Justin Otto

Grading photos to come…

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