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Black Belt – Do you have what it takes?


Nearly everyone who has done martial arts has at one time or another aspired to becoming a black belt. However, history tells us only a very small percentage of people actually make it. But, that’s about to change…

Anyone can be a black belt, even you!! We want to show you how simple it really is. It’s not an easy path to black belt, but it definitely is simple and extremely rewarding.

Have you ever thought about being a black belt? If the answer’s “yes”, then we have something special for you.

Workshop: All The Way To Black Belt And Beyond

A Special Event for those committed to achieving black belt in karate and in life.

The first step towards any goal is making the commitment and that’s what this seminar is all about. Here’s some of what you can expect to learn:

  • Find out what it takes to become a black belt.
  • Use your mind to accelerate your learning.
  • Develop a plan to overcome the challenges along the way.
  • Build your success team.
  • And much, much more…

When: Sat, 18th August 2012
9.00-9:30am Chat with seniors
9:30-11:00am Train with seniors
(You are welcome to stay and watch seniors train 11:05am – 12:40pm)

Where: Maroochydore dojo

Cost: Free to members

Register: On the noticeboard at the dojo

Bring: Questions you might want to ask seniors

If Black Belt is your goal, Don’t Miss Out!! Register Now.

Download a PDF version of the information on this page.

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