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Last class for 2016 & annual water bomb fight


The school year is now finished and Christmas is fast approaching.  With the year drawing to a close our final class for 2016 is now in sight, along with what has become a very popular end of year tradition in the dojo… our annual water bomb fight.

Last class for the year will be Friday, 23rd December.  Normally it’s a karate kids class, but students of all ages are welcome to attend and join in the fun.  Immediately following the class, we’ll clear out the car park and make space for our massive annual water bomb fight.

After our last class for the year, we’ll be taking 2 weeks break from classes and we’ll kick off the new training year starting Monday 9th of January with a 2 week training intensive.  The training intensive is open to all students.  During this 2 week period, those participating in the intensive will do morning classes every day (Mon – Fri), plus evening classes; kids 3.45pm – 6:10pm, adults start as early as you can after work until 8:00pm.  Regular classes will continue throughout this period, so be sure to keep up your training even if you’re not doing the intensive this time.

Here’s a few photos from last year’s fun & games…

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