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In-House Tournament Schedule & Squad Training (Fri 24th Feb & Fri 3rd Mar)


Due to the number of entries received for the in-house touranment, we have decided to run it over the next 2 weeks (Fri 24th Feb & Fri 3rd Mar).  Please note, there will be no regular squad training on these nights, with the exception of kumite for the senior squad on the second week.

For this in-house tournament, we will be working off the new Chito-Ryu tournament rules which will be used at this years Soke Cup.  For the most part the rules are almost the same as we have used in the past, but there are a few minor changes.  All referees must read and be familiar with the rules.  It is also recommended that competitors are also familiar with the rules.  You can download a copy of the ICKF Chito-Ryu tournament rules here:


In addition, we have adopted a few adjustments to the rules for this in-house tournament:

  • Ring size will be 6m x 6m
  • Juniors U/14 yrs, no head gear to be worn (expecpt those competing in the Soke Cup this year).  Non-contact, head attacks are allowed.
  • Kumite events will be double-elimination draws.  Meaning, all competitors will get at least 2 matches.

Please see schedule of events below.  Please note:  times should be considered as an estimate only, but it is our goal to be finished by 8pm.  We will post all event draws in the dojo this afternoon.  If you’re competing, please check them and if you have been left out or entered into the wrong division by mistake, please let us know as soon as possible.


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