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April Sneak Peak + Keeping Kids Energised & Focused

Take a sneak peak at the upcoming events (April) at Sunshine Coast Karate.  2011 Student Handouts – April>>

Special Note For Mums & Dads
School Holidays: Training is as usual except for the public holidays noted on the calendar.

Special Note For All Our Families
Easter Celebrations
1.  The Annual Easter Picnic & Training @ Cotton Tree Park —-> Sunday 17th April.  This event is always loads of fun.  Throw this one into your diaries so you don’t miss out.  And don’t forget to add your family to the sign up sheet on the noticeboard so that we have plenty of food for you all.  [An event put on m our local association ICKFA (Sunshine Coast Branch) Inc.

2.  In Class ‘BONUS EASTER GAMES’ ——-> Mon 11th – Fri 15th April. Be sure to get yourselves along to the dojo to help us wrap up an amazing term 1 with some great fun easter games.

Below are a few ideas as to how we help Sami stay fuelled and energised as the school term comes to an end.  We are young parents and certainly don’t know it all.  These are just a few things that work for us.  Please feel free to share what you do to help your kids so that we too can learn from you too.

Helping Our Karate Kids Get Through The School Term
As parents ourselves we notice our little Sami (Grade 1) getting tired towards the end of the term.  Fortunately Sami’s batteries are still running high at this stage, but we are aware and ready to keep her energised so that she can get the most out of the complete school term.

What can we do as parents to help our little karate kids continue to enjoy their entire school term to the fullest?

1.  Keeping check of the basics:  Sleeping, eating, drinking and exercise.
2.  Quality time with mum, dad, and Steven:  There is always time for a giggle and cuddle.  Here is a link to one of our favourites.
Swimming time

3.  Chillin’ out time for herself -  Sami just loves to draw and colour-in.
4.  Family adventures – The Sunshine Coast is full of great adventures and is always great to look forward to time away as a family.
5.  Rewards:  Sami loves her weekly ‘tuck shop’ at school.  Together with Sami we’ll choose something to focus on each week and off we go.
6.  Self-Active Learner:  We always aim to put Sami in the driver seat when it comes to making choices about her life.  And when things work out she truly knows it was because of her decision and her continual actions.  Man can these kids light up!  And when things don’t work out – we review together and help her understand why things worked out the way they did and then we FLIP IT.  Flip the experience, turn it into a positive and get on with living your adventures.

Look forward to learning about the things you do to help your kids stay energised and focused.