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“Having A Go” At Sunshine Coast Karate

Sunshine Coast Karate
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Over the weekend I was fortunate to be involved in the first Queensland Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament of the year which was held at our Sunshine Coast Karate facility.  Tournaments are an amazing growth tool where your entire community/family/team of participants will be stretched to greater levels.  Everyone will either rise together and strengthen as a team or they will buckle under the pressure.

All participants at the weekend tournament had a choice to make.  Do I step up and “have a go” or do I “sit back and let it happen around me”?   Thankfully many members and family members of Sunshine Coast Karate chose to stand up and lead by example to ensure the success of this particular event despite having no previous experience.  Competitors, spectators, officials, volunteers, leadership team (some people doing more than one thing) all stood up and gave their best in their individual roles and made for a pretty amazing start to the 2011QLD  Tournament Circuit.

Getting Up In Front Of People As Much As You Can, Will Make A Tremendous Impact On Your Life

This week at Sunshine Coast Karate we will be exploring the idea of “Standing Up and Leading”.  We will also be celebrating the successes of all of those members who stepped up out of their comfort zone to support the weekend tournament.  Well done everyone and thank you for your continued support and inspiration as we all move to greater heights together.

When An Opportunity Arises, Be The First To Raise Your Hand.
Everyone Is Scared At First, But Pretty Soon It Will Be Easy And You Will Not Be Afraid To Stand Up And Lead.

Tournament Organiser:
All tournaments taking place on the Sunshine Coast are organised by your local committee (ICKFA (Sunshine Coast Branch) Inc.  You can visit these committee members by visiting their website and/or facebook page.
Tournament Results will be uploaded to this website as soon as possible.
Tournament Photos: Some photos from the tournament have already been shared on our Sunshine Coast Karate Page.  Please visit this page to view these photos and of course add your tournament photos to share with everyone.