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Professionals Training At Sunshine Coast Karate


At Sunshine Coast Karate we get to work with some extraordinary people.  We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share our martial arts studies with these people and we are even more grateful that we too learn so much from them.

Here is one extremely inspirational man that we have the pleasure to enjoy in our dojo at least 3-4 times every week.  He balances home, family, work and more into his daily life and still manages to stick to his training routine at Sunshine Coast Karate.  In no time this person has progressed to a point where only one grading stands between him and his black belt.

The person we are talking about is Jim Moehead (1st Kyu Chito-Ryu).

A bit about Jim’s Business:  Jim Moehead – Building Design & Drafting – design and drafting company whose clients include owners, builders, developers and other consultants.Not only on the Sunshine Coast, but throughout Queensland and New South Wales. With a vast knowledge of the building industry and the ability to prepare quality plans, whether they are house plans for extensions and additions, new building designs or contract drafting for other consultants. We aim to achieve results which gives the client a building design which fits within their ideals and budget. Our design takes into consideration your requirements, the natural qualities of your site and surroundings. Our approach is to work with you to arrive at a floor plan that you are satisfied with prior to commencement of final drawings. We encourage clients to get involved with their project along the way and ask questions if there are any issues you may not be certain about.

To learn more about Jim’s business please visit Jim’s Website by clicking here >>

Be sure to follow us over the next 12 months or so to see how Jim continues to develop his technique and skills as he prepares for his black belt grading.

You too can get started at Sunshine Coast Karate easily with a free trial at a time that best suits you. Not only will you develop some great martial arts skills, you will be on a life changing journey where your martial arts skills will soon be utilised in all areas of your life and be taking you to heights you may never thought possible.  Get Started Today With A Free Trial > >

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