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Holiday Training Schedule & General Schedule Update


Only one week now until the winter school holiday start.  As there are always some students away throughout the holiday periods we will be running an adjusted training schedule for little champions (4-7 yrs) and karate kids classes. There is no change to adult classes, with the exception of the Friday night tournament squad training class.

The school holiday training schedule will apply Monday 30th June – Friday 11th July 2014.

New Class – After the school holidays, we will also be introducing a new beginner kumite class for children 4-13 yrs, Wednesdays 4:30-5:10pm.  This class will replace the kumite tag class.  Children who want to participate in bogu kumite must provide their own personal protective equipment and they may borrow dojo body gear (or bring their own.  Children who want to start learning about kumite but aren’t quite ready for bogu kumite (or forget their protective equipment) will do kumite tag instead.  The purpose of this class is to give our junior students a chance to develop their kumite skills at a beginner level.

junior kumite

Special Class, New Theme – With the new school term commencing 14 July 2014, it’s time to introduce the new theme for the Wednesday night special class, 6:00-6:55pm.  The new theme for the class in term 3 will be “KATA”.  All students 8yrs of age and above are welcome to join this class.



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