Grading Results, Feb 2011


Congratulations to everyone who progressed to the next level at yesterday’s grading at Sunshine Coast Karate.  Although only a small grading, it was great to see such a high standard at each level.  Yet another step closer to black belt.

There were quite a few people who stepped up to do practice gradings, who have successfully passed the practical component of the grading, just theory tests to be completed now.  Well done everyone.

Also a big thank you to Debbie, flying solo with the grading day admin for the first time.  And our dojo leaders who were there to play a support role, your efforts were greatly appreciated.

12th Kyu, Yellow Belt:  Liam Sandri, Sarah Colgan, Mika Fenwick, Zoe Stielow, John Boman, Keiko Kabasawa

11th Kyu, Orange Belt (White Stripe):  Lachlan Speer, Jodie Marriott, Wayne Marriott, Mitchell Keefe,

10th Kyu, Orange Belt:  Lachlan Whale, Wendy Boman, Jon Doughty

9th Kyu, Green Belt (White Stripe):  Zennjo Searle

8th Kyu, Green Belt:  Euan Gray, Jake Davis

5th Kyu, Purple Belt (White Stripe)
:  Donell Cook, George Britchford, Chris Ring

2nd, Brown Belt:  Deborah Woodhouse, Emma Moehead

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