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Little Champions Newsletter – February 2013 Edition


There’s a lot happening in the Little Champions Karate program at Sunshine Coast Karate.  Check out the Little Champions Newsletter – February 2013. Here’s a quick preview at what’s inside:

  • Introducing the new Little Champion Teachers: Master Monkey & Friends (check out the picture below).
  • Updated curriculum
  • Updated progress cards
  • About the new Monthly Newsletter

Master Monkey & Friends

Follow the link for full details: Little Champions Newsletter – February 2013. A full copy of the curriculum and more information about the new progress cards is also available in the members area of this website (login required).

It’s a great time to be a Little Champion.  Just at the end of last year, Luke Marriott became our first ever Little Champion Black Stripe Belt, and for those who missed it, there was a great write up in the Sunshine Coast Daily.  And now, hot on his heels, Anthony Williams is almost there too.

Sunshine Coast Karate’s first ever Little Champion’s Black Stripe Belt, Luke Marriott.  Page 3 of the Sunshine Coast Daily (23 Nov 2013).

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