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A Challenging Week Loaded With Greatness


This week, it would seem that my training program (based on notes from Japan) has proven to be more than enough to pull me out of my comfort zone.  I’m feeling out of my depths and mid week I came down with a tummy bug which seemed to leave me feeling quite fatigued.  I went with the flow and cut back on my training and allowed other areas in my life to capture my attention.

As it turned out it was the best thing that could have happened.  It was great to have extra time with Sami and Steven as they wrapped up their school holidays.  I also was able to pull together a whole lot of admin work for the dojo so that we could launch ourselves completely in the the school term in all areas of life as a family.

Wrapping up the school holidays with a visit to the Strawberry Farm.

There was however one area that I neglected deliberately this week which eventually caught up with me.  That was the area of personal growth and developing my mind. Usually I’ll allocate a little bit of time most days to do some personal growth studies but I didn’t this week and I became more vulnerable with everyday.  I’m glad that I neglected this area as it once again gave me a greater appreciation of having an active ‘personal growth plan’ in my life.

It was very confronting on Friday when I set out for what has been a challenging paddle previously but within reach and achieveable.  I had nothing in the tank mentally or physically.  I was running on empty and I didn’t complete the distance that I set out to do.  Thankfully I was out on the water watching the sun rise in the most perfect conditions so I decided I’d to turn it into a ‘exploration’ paddle. The Sunshine Coast waterways are spectacular and it is so easy to take it for granted unless you deliberately slow down and take a good look.

By the weekend I was back on board with my ‘personal growth plan’ and the results were instant.  Clarity, calmness and connection with myself and others.  I had the opportunity to train with Adam Sensei and Martin Sensei on both Saturday and Sunday, which was a great way to wrap up the week.

By Monday, although still a little funny in the tummy there was a considerable improvement with my ‘karate on the water’ (paddling) time as I count down the days to the 2014 Hawkesbury Canoe Classic.

Anyone really eager to make changes in their life may find a ‘personal growth plan’ extremely valuable as well.  I work my ‘personal growth plan’ along side of my ‘karate training program’ and it proves to be one of the greatest investments of my life.  This combination ensures that my foundations (from within) are expanding and becoming stronger with every day and as I attain higher levels in my training and in life I always feel more equipped to deal with what comes my way and I know you will too.

A Quote for Today:  “The struggle you are in today is developing the strength that you need for tomorrow.” ~ Unknown



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