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“An Activity That Exercises My Body But Also My Mind”


Here is another success story from one of our valued Sunshine Coast Karate members.  Rob has made an impressive start to his training.  Not only does Rob take part in classes regularly he also works at his home dojo to further develop his technique.   At Sunshine Coast Karate there are fewer adults than children training yet those adults that are training are inspirational.  No matter what they just keep on going and stepping up to new challenges to ensure they reach greater heights

Anyway here are a few words from Rob on his experiences so far at Sunshine Coast Karate.

“I took up martial art because I was looking for an activity that not just exercises my body but also my mind. I want to maintain my physical fitness but running and cycling became too mono tone for me.  I thought about working out at a gym but again this would leave the mental side of things alone.

My job is stressful at times and very often I have taken work home with me. During exercising I have been thinking about work on many occasions and therefore did not get the full benefit out of the exercise. I wanted to find an activity which would require my full attention to take me away from the day to day stresses of life.

The offer of trial sessions was a great opportunity to see and feel wether martial art was the type of recreational activity I wanted to participate in. I received a friendly and inviting welcome not only from the staff but also from other participants. I felt that Sunshine Coast Karate is operating in a very positive environment. Smiling faces everywhere.

I believe that martial art has changed my personality since I am happier in life in general.  Even though my job is not monotonous at all I have become frustrated and negative and somehow disappointed with humanity through the things that I have seen in my occupation.

The focus required during training takes me away for the time of the session but the experience as a whole and the motivation for progression remains inside me for hours and days until the next time.  Even though I am a shift worker and my sleep patterns are somehow disturbed, since I have started martial arts the quality of my sleep has improved. In general I am a happier person and have a more positive outlook compared with my past.

I really enjoy the environment here at the Maroochydore dojo. The members of training team are very approachable and helpful all the time. People arrive with all sorts of facial expressions but everyone leaves with a smile on their faces. Personal goals and wishes are accommodated and all age groups are thought of. The training times really suit me as I am a shift worker. The location is close from where I live but there is easy access from all directions. The instructors really know what they are talking and teaching about, they have been doing Karate at a high level and standard for a while.

Training at Maroochydore is fun, energetic, motivating. It is a great workout and a positive environment to be in!  My physical fitness, balance and flexibility have improved. I am a happier person with a fun focus in mind that is in balance with my working life.”

Thank you to Rob for taking the time to share his personal experiences at Sunshine Coast Karate.  We are very fortunate that many of our students are open to share their experiences in order to help others who are just starting out in their martial arts studies at Sunshine Coast Karate.

If you can relate to Rob’s message and are experiencing similar circumstances please feel free to contact the team at Sunshine Coast Karate to see what we may be able to do for you and your family.

To help you make sure that our timetable suits you please refer to the following link which will help you match up suitable times Sunshine Coast Karate Training Times Once you have matched up a time please contact us via the following link to commence your free trial.  Book Your Free Trial Today >>

We do also appreciate that starting out in a new activity as an adult can be a little uncomfortable so we do offer a private lesson package which may help you enjoy the many benefits of martial arts without being in a class environment.  To learn more about the Sunshine Coast Karate Private Lesson Package please contact Sandra & Martin on (07) 5448 5274 or email:  info@karate4life.com.au

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