You Are Going To Japan!


About 2-3 weeks ago I learned that I would be going to Japan to accompany scholarship winner, Jodie Marriott. I was quite excited to hear this at first and then the reality kicked in that Martin, Sami and Steven wouldn’t be travelling with me on this trip.

Training in Japan has been a life long dream for me and it hasn’t been until these last few years that I have been in a position to travel to the Sohonbu (International Headquarters) for training intensives.  And to be truthful, I’ve pretty well tagged along and allowed Martin to take care pretty well everything.  I mean everything…

Going to Japan without Martin and knowing that I am going to have to take care of myself and do my best to help Jodie….  I started to feel the stress as I created a list of things to do before going to Japan.  I dare say I looked a little something like this picture below.

After the initial excitement wore off, I spent the next few days freaking out.  Soon enough, survival mode kicked in as I began to focus on breathing and posture with greater intent.  By this time, Martin is enjoying a good laugh at me and the kids are giving me their gift shopping lists.

Did I mention I received some emails from Jodie at this time asking for help.  LOL…..    Practicing the art of being brave and breathing helped me take that first step into revisiting my list of things to do before going to Japan.  Because I now had Jodie chasing answers I had to close the back door and get on with the adventure at hand.

What did I do…  OK, so what if I did put my list of things to do under some other things on my desk pretending that I couldn’t see them.   Learn what I did in my next post.









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