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Only Hours to Go Before Take Off…


With only  hours before I leave to go to the airport I found myself this morning with a bit of organising to do.  Ok, I had a lot and I hadn’t had a lot of sleep these least few days.  Thankfully since returning home this morning Martin, Sami and Steven have been re-energising me with their smiles, laughs and mountain of cuddles. I even squeezed in a nanna nap.

Now it is time to pull everything together and make sure everything fits into my suit case.  I’m hoping that the suit case is bigger on the inside, kind of like the Tardis on Dr Who.  From all the things I have lying around our bedroom I think I’m going to need a miracle to squeeze it all in.  Not sure I’m going to get a pillow jammed in like Sensei Helen though.

(Sensei) Martin is being his super amazing self giving me the low down of how to work with the technology and some of the basics of getting along and checking everything twice.  I never knew he could be so organised.  :>)

Gratitude:  Thank You to – 
1.  My amazing family for all their continued support especially with my travels to Japan in 2013 and now 2014.
2.  Our local committee who are making this adventure possible.  Committee Website
3.  All Sunshine Coast Karate leaders, students and families for inspiring me to continue to grow everyday

A Quote for Today
‘It was not like the beginning of a journey; it was like the beginning of a dream.’ ~ H.G Wells

Message for Sunshine Coast Karate Members & Families
1.  All classes will be on as usual whilst we are away in Japan.   For further information about programs, training times please contact Sensei Martin.
2.  Good luck to Sunshine Coast Karate students challenging for new grades this coming weekend.  Although I won’t get to participate at this grading I know that you will all do your best and make the most of the experience.
3.  Enjoy your Father’s Day celebrations tomorrow.  Here is a picture of Martin enjoying the squishy part of his Father’s Day present.


Happy Squishy Father’s Day Daddy

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