Kumamoto Japan, Here We Come!


Although the kids slept on the drive to the airport they found their buzz once again and turned the departure lounge area into an athletics track whilst we enjoyed a few moments together before it was time to go.


Martin & Steven approaching the finish line


The first leg of the trip was not much more than sleeping so I wasn’t all that interesting as a travel partner.  The second leg of our flight was really cool.  We got to travel in a ‘Hello Kitty’ aeroplane that was loaded with lots of Hello Kitty merchandise.  Loved it!


Our special ‘Hello Kitty’ aeroplane. Taipei to Fukuoka


Sensei Helen checking out some of the Hello Kitty merchandise


Even my meal had Hello Kitty.


Finally arrived at the Fukuoka Airport and it was time to put my basic Japanese skills to the test.  We managed to buy tickets for the bus and catch the right bus so I figure that is a good result for now.


Helen looking very relaxed at the Fukuoka Airport.


We were able to catch a taxi relatively quickly and I thought it was a good chance to strike up a conversation with the Taxi driver to practice some Japanese.  Mission accomplished –  I got him smiling, laughing and he even got us to the Sohonbu.

We were greeted at the Sohonbu by Soke Sensei.  It is always great to catch up with Soke Sensei.  We also had the pleasure of catching up with Naoyuki Sensei and his wife (Yuko) briefly before taking a stroll to the local supermarket for supplies.  Not long after our shopping adventure it was time to see if we could get the internet thingy working that Sensei Martin organised for us.  I’m happy to say that we got it going first time and I was pretty impressed with myself given my lack of expertise with technology.


Sensei Helen settling in at the Sohonbu.


After some quality time catching up with family on skype and enjoying some chat time with friends on Facebook, I think I’ll call it a night.  Please be sure to drop in on my personal Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/sandraphillips08) to see what Sensei Helen and I are up to in Japan.  You may catch one or both of us online.  Be great to stay in touch with everyone whilst we are away.

I’ve heard there are only two weeks of school to go before it is school holidays.  All the best to all our Little Champions and Karate Kids attending school.  Always do your best and have a great fun as you wrap up Term 3.

If anyone captures any photos of the upcoming Sunshine Coast Karate grading next weekend, please share on Facebook so Sensei Helen and I can celebrate your successes with you.

A Quote for Today
 “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Maya Angelou


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