Wednesday – Our Big Day Out


We started the day with a great morning training session with Soke Sensei.  It was a very powerful session and included kihons, kata and speed training yet it was intertwined with some bo and shinai exercises throughout. On Monday Soke Sensei mentioned a couple of details and applied pressure to my stance giving me a sense of instability which has had me exploring and thinking throughout my day. It was these very things that seemed to be stretched and expanded to greater levels in the Wednesday morning class.

I have written the entire class down and I’m sure it will be a format that I’ll use again to further help me with my studies.  Although I don’t feel as though I really demonstrate these things very well, at least it is all processing within me.  In time with continual practice I know I’ll get better.

Before we knew it we were off to Mt Aso.  Minowa Sensei must have known we were going to have little time after training for breakfast so she had organised breakfast for us.  Minowa Sensei is a remarkable person. Like a mum away from home for me.

Below are some photos of our adventures to Mt Aso and surrounds.  It was a day of many experiences and lots of laughs.  A big thank you to Minowa Sensei and Tomikosan for a great experience.  It was one very full day including Aso Volcano & museum, Aso Shrine, Kurokawa Hot Spring and loads of food testing along the way.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos at the Kurokawa Hot Spring however it was magnificent.  Here is a link to a website where you can learn more about the Kurokawa Hot Spring.


On our way to Mt Aso.


Admiring the view whilst enjoying ‘Yakitomorokoshi’ (grilled corn brushed with soy sauce)


Helen chomping on her cob of corn


Aso Shrine is one of the oldest and most prominant shrines in Japan


Playing at Aso Volcano Museum.  We must have looked a little strange jumping up and down in front of the seisometer.


Minowa Sensei, Tomikosan and a lovely man all helping us find the great ‘land down under’, Australia.



Here we are in the upstairs section of the Aso Museum.  You can see Aso Volcano in the background.


Catching up with Todd Sensei in tonight’s class.  A wealth of knowledge and always stretches me with my speed development.  Had the opportunity to develop Bassai kata with Todd Sensei. A fantastic experience.  Let’s just say that I’m a work in progress and with more practice I’ll get better little by little.  Thank you to Todd Sensei for the great class.


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And a quote for today:  “Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all. love of what you are doing.” ~ Pele


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