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Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Child


Up relatively early this morning despite a late night so I spent some quiet time in the dojo reviewing notes from my training journal and had a play.  I’ll move the main key points onto my computer over the next few days and continue to play and see if any other questions come about as a result of this review time.  I’m all a bit too serious sometimes when it come to learning.  I know that I’ll be sharing this information with others so I’d like to make sense of this information as much as I can before I leave Japan.

Not too long and we are off and away for a shopping experience with Minowa Sensei.  Whilst shopping we had the opportunity to meet one of Minowa Sensei’s daughters and her family.  Below are a couple of pictures from today’s shopping trip.


I’ve been missing my cuddles with Martin so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a cuddle.  His about the right height don’t you think?


Helen filling up her little basket full of goodies.


With our shopping all done, we were on our way for lunch. We picked up Tomikosan and off to lunch we go.  We had ‘Yaki niku‘ and it was delicious and the company was great.  If you are ever in Japan be sure to try Yaki Niku.  Yum!!!


Minowa Sensei and Tomikosan at lunch. Really enjoying my time with these two ladies.


Eating jelly with chop sticks. Way to go Helen!


Next stop – Ice cream.  Well I thought I was full, but there is always room for  ice-cream.  Below are a couple of pictures at the ice-cream shop.


Deciding what to have….


Helen enjoying her ice-cream.


Back to the Sohonbu and time to say goodbye and get ready for Marc Sensei’s kids class.


Tomikosan getting a quick karate lesson from Minowa Sensei and Helen.


Marc Sensei was extremely generous with his time and we did some kumi bo before it was time to get the class started.  I also got to play with his daughter Reina.  Such a beautiful little girl loaded with great smiles and a great energy.

I really enjoyed watching Marc Sensei teaching the kids.  Marc Sensei has a special touch with the kids and I’ll take some notes on how I can further develop my teaching as well.  I loved listening to the use of Japanese in the class.  I didn’t understand much at all, but I picked up a few key words.

My favourite part of the class was mixing in with the kids and playing with them.  Such great energy and I love how kids get lost in the moment and they take you with them if you allow yourself to enter their world of play.  It’s a magical place to be and it’s a place where dreams can come true.  But more importantly it is a place of great learning.






To wrap up our day today we went to a local observatory and we got to see a close up of Saturn and Mars.   It was a beautiful night and once again I was reminded of the happiness of children.  We met Minowa Sensei’s grandchildren. They are a bundle of joy and happiness and you can’t help but smile in their presence. Below are a couple of photos from the Observatory.




And here are a couple of photos of Sami and Steven enjoying their first day at Little Athletics.  Can’t wait to see them again soon.





A quote for today:  “Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.” ~ Ron Wild

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