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Sami’s Reminder: ‘Three More Sleeps Mummy’


Morning training with Soke Sensei to kick start the day and we had the pleasure of training with Todd Sensei again.  Some great training and more great learning.  I was re-united with one of the metal bo’s this morning which was great fun but let’s just say I need more practice.  I don’t have any photos of this training session, but I have some photos of our second training session for the day.

Soke Sensei had us pull the weeds out of the back yard.  It reminded me of the Karate Kid movie. We didn’t get to wash cars and paint fences but we got to pull weeds instead.  It was a beautiful day outside and it was the least that we could do after all the great learning and hospitality we have been receiving.







Soke Sensei stopped us part way through our weeding and took us out for a quick bite to eat.  We had sushi and it was really fresh and there was lots of it.  You’ll have to ask Helen how much Sushi there was to eat.  :>)



Back to the dojo to finish the weeding.  It didn’t take all that long and there was enough time left for a shower and quick rest.

Naoyuki Sensei pulled together another great fun kids class today.  It was great to jump in and play with the kids and learn with them once again.  Below are some photos from the class.





Tonight was our final training session with Soke Sensei.  The energy and the people were great.  This class for me seemed to pull everything together.  I still have a long way to go to really get myself feeling comfortable with all of the learning but I feel as though the seeds have been planted and the foundations are set.  It’s all up to me now as to how I move forward with my training.

Not only was Soke Sensei providing a great learning environment for us, Keichiro Oda came along to train with us.  Keichiro came to Australia just after Sam was born and he covered classes for me whilst I was settling into my new role as a mum.  I am very grateful to have had Keichiro come to Australia and it is always special to catch up with him.  I hope that Keichiro will visit Australia again sometime and maybe even bring his young family with him.





A big thank you to Martin, Sami and Steven.  It’s very difficult to be a part of these training adventures without my family by my side.  Thankfully everyone has been very supportive and staying in regular contact.  I think my experiences would be very different without regular catch ups with family.  Only three more sleeps Sami.  :>)

 Quote for Today:  “Together forever, never apart.  Maybe in distance, but never in heart.” ~ Unknown


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