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Week 3: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN


Time has gone super fast this week with 9 classes, some great fun social outings and plenty of practice and study.

Classes have been a perfect balance for me.  There has been opportunities to take it a little bit easier so I can concentrate on key learning areas.  There has been opportunities to push myself with speed training and there have been opportunities to try new things and challenge me in other ways.

I’ve especially enjoyed just “being a student”.  As much as I love teaching, there is something very special about the journey of being a student.  It’s been great to revisit what it is to be a student (for myself) and “practice” being a great student.  On the other hand, at least for myself I feel my cycle of learning is incomplete without the inclusion of “sharing” and imparting knowledge to others.

I’m really excited to soon be able to share as much as I can when I return to the Sunshine Coast, as I know it will get me thinking deeper and open the way for those little gems that will make a big difference in my life (both in and out of the dojo).

Below are a few photos taken throughout the week.  You can see more on my Facebook Page.
20160802_183732Tuesday:  Demonstration & Dinner Evening

20160803_131237Wednesday:  Shimabara Castle

20160805_202036Friday:  With Miyazaki Sensei, Miyazaki Sensei’s wife and her friend at the Kumamoto Festival

20160806_125635Saturday Morning:  Catching up with Marc Sensei, Reina & Kenshi


20160806_202114Saturday Evening:  Kikuchi Festival with Minowa Sensei and her family

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