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What Are You Doing To Stay Focused On Your Goals?


As a member of Sunshine Coast Karate we do care about you following through and achieving your goals.  We understand that you will hit some road blocks from time to time, and you will be confronted with the same choice time and time again.  Do I continue on this path or do I give up?  Below is a short story of one of the people training with you in the dojo at this very moment.  This is a person that has chosen not to give up.  This is a person that has been faced with challenges along the way yet continues to turn up and put the runs on the board. What is it that has kept this person focused?  Once you learn who this person is, I hope you take the time to catch up with her to learn more about what keeps her focused.  You never know – her story may just help you follow through on some of your most important goals.

Wendy Boman with her support team


This evening I had the pleasure to learn that one of our karate mums Wendy Boman, has been training at Sunshine Coast Karate for 12 months today.  Congratulations Wendy!  Not only did Wendy persevere and keep moving forward when times were tough but she is also now being rewarded for her efforts.  At the time of joining Sunshine Coast Karate Wendy set herself a goal to be a green belt within 12 months.  To this day Wendy can stand tall (and she did with a big smile this evening) and say that she is almost there.  Although the belt she wears today is orange, her progress card is completely full and she will challenge for her green belt in a couple of weeks. Go Wendy!

So what do you think has kept Wendy focused for 12 months now and getting stronger with every lesson?  You’ll have to ask her to find out… :>)

However, I can point you in the direction of a great little article that I know will help you stay focused n your journey to black belt and beyond.  You will need to log into the Sunshine Coast Karate Members Website to learn more.    Log in here >>

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