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Sunshine Coast Karate Dojo Tour With Sami

For those that know our little family at Sunshine Coast Karate, Sami is our 4 year old daughter and has been busy helping us make some changes to this website.  Sami feels that as she is starting big school this year it is important that she gets to contribute to our website.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not but I figure it will be a new adventure and lots of fun!  For now Sami is in charge of the ‘Dojo Tour’ page and Steven (her little 2 year old brother) will soon join her as he gets a little bigger.

Here is a link to Sami’s Dojo Tour page:

From the team at Sunshine Coast Karate we hope that you enjoy these updates to the website.  Updates to the 2010 Events calendar will be online soon.