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Sunshine Coast Karate Website Updates


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting the Sunshine Coast Karate Website.  We greatly appreciate your feedback as to how we can further improve this site for you, your family and friends.

Below are the recent updates to the Sunshine Coast Karate Website:

Update #1:  Calendar Of Events Page

  • Additional events have been added to February.  Kids Night Out, Teens Night Out & Committee Meeting
  • March Updates:  Now include Soke Sensei’s visit.  Please note that all private lessons, leadership training and squad training will be absent in March due to Soke Sensei’s visit.  We do however encourage all members to attend as many training sessions as possible with Soke Sensei.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing everyone in the dojo.

Sunshine Coast Karate QUICK LINKS:

You can now join Sunshine Coast Karate on facebook,  twitter and you tube.

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