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Women’s Self Defence Tips – Lesson # 10


Tip 10: Maintain Eye Contact

Another basic tip that you need is the fact that you can often keep aggressors at bay by holding their eye contact. You are seeing them and that in itself can be intimidating to those that consider attacking.

While we will go into more details about how to react to an aggressor, instead of putting your head down when someone looks at you or speaks to you, maintain their eye contact.

You should also do this as you walk past someone. Hold their eye contact so that they can see how confident and aware you are. This will help them to see you as a more problematic and hard to hit person. They are much more likely to find someone that is less prepared to care for themselves rather than to deal with you!

These tips can help you in their most basic form. Anyone that is faced with an aggressive target, though, needs more detailed instruction and for this we move on. Remember these basic things before moving forward:

  • Don’t be alone any time you can avoid it.
  • Do be aware of surroundings and stay out of bad ones.
  • Do be confident and hold the eye contact of others.

The above tip has been reproduced and adapted for this website with permission from the publisher of the original e-book “Self Defense Tips For Women”

You can purchase your copy for just $17 from: www.AccessNowPublications.com

… Stay tuned for next week’s tip …

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