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Women’s Self Defence Tips – Introduction


Everything we learn in Chito-Ryu has a reason and a practical application, and this is the way it should be with any complete self defence system.  Unfortunately, at times, even when the lessons are placed right in front of your face, they are not that obvious (at first).  To help overcome this problem, we are pleased to present this series of Women’s Self Defence Tips.

The following content has been used with permission from the publishers of the original e-book Self Defense For Women – Always Be In Control, which is a must read for anyone serious about learning more on this topic.  We are so impressed with the quality of content in this e-book that we are happy to endorese the e-book.  And we have even produced a number of FREE video mini-lessons as a bonus to everyone who purchases the book.  That’s how much value we think it provides!

Self defense for women should be something taught to children as they grow up. It is that important and it can be life saving many times over. Here are some statistics that are a must for you to know as a women or someone that cares for a woman.

  • Every two minutes, some woman, some place within the United States is being raped. That is 30 women every hour!
  • Every year, over one million women suffer some form of abuse by their partner. While that abuse is not fatal, they often are repeatedly abused.
  • For any twelve month span, it is shown that an average of four million women are abused in seriously abusing fashions, many more do unreported and unable to be counted.
  • Nearly half of all women will face some form of physical abuse in their lifetimes. Many will face violent physical attacks. Many will die from the injuries inflicted on them during these attacks.
Self Defense For Women - Always Be In Control!

All of this should showcase the importance of having a well thought out plan and strategy for defending yourself in any given situation. It is a very large problem throughout much of the United States and as such should be something that you strive to protect yourself from.

The goal that this book offers is to educate you on simple and no so simple methods that you can learn to protect yourself from virtually any attack that can happen to you.

Most often, these attacks will happy at the hands of someone that you know. Others will happen by complete strangers as random violent acts. You should be prepared for both, even if you believe that this could never happen to you.

Every woman that is attacked in some fashion, whether as a result of domestic violence or the result of a random attack will tell you the same sad story. They never thought that this could happen to them. It can and it did. Most importantly, it can also happen to you.

Prepare for the worst so that you can protect yourself from any situation that may arise. You will find that this is the very best method of surviving an attack on you, from anyone. Seek out the help and the guidance you need because you deserve it and you need it to see many more tomorrows.

The above introduction has been reproduced with permission from the publisher of the original e-book “Self Defense Tips For Women”

You can purchase your copy for just $17 from: www.AccessNowPublications.com

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