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Women’s Self Defence Tips – Lesson # 1


Self Defence Tip 1: Do What Mum Taught You

The first and the most obvious tip is one that everyone needs to remember. Protect yourself at all costs by putting yourself in better positions. For example, it is likely that your mother, at some point, told you never to walk down that dark alley. Even if it is a short cut to the car, do not do it. Don’t walk in the park alone at night. Do not put yourself in a situation where it is just you and very few other people.

This is a simple tip, but unfortunately, too many women take it for granted and end up facing horrible consequences. Remember that public and open places are the best places to be when you are alone.

The best self defence tactic you can ever learn is to never put yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself from an attacker.  Tactical self defence is about being aware of your surroundings, planing ahead in order to avoid potential problems and making appropriate decisions.

Here’s a scenario that might illustrate how easy it can be to make the wrong choices….

You plan a night out with a friend at the movies.  It’s a late session and due to traffic you were running late.  As a result, you can’t get a car park very close, so rather than waiting for a park you decide to go to the car park that’s always empty on the out the back of the picture theatre.  You go to meet your friend in the foyer and just as you get there, you get a text message from your friend, you’ve been stood up!  You decide to go to the movies anyway because you need a bit of time for yourself.

… The movie was good, it was just what you needed, but after 2 hours you need to go to the little girl’s room  Unfortunately there’s a bit of a line up, as usual, but you wait, what options do you have right?  Eventually you get to the head of the line, after nearly everyone else has already gone home.  Then you make your way back to your car, but you are one of the last ones to leave the theatre and it’s a  dark night and already quite late.

As you approach your car, you hear a group of teenage boys who appear to be up to no good and they are standing between you and your car…

If they haven’t already, alarm bells should be going off well and truly by now, alerting you to the fact that this is perhaps not a very smart position to be finding yourself in.  But, in retrospect what could you have done differently?  How could you have planned aheda to avoid this situation entirely?  If you go back through the scenario, you will quickly see that there are a lot of things that you could have done differently.

The above tip has been reproduced and adapted for this website with permission from the publisher of the original e-book “Self Defense Tips For Women”

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… Stay tuned for next week’s tip …

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