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It’s A New Year, New You Challenge!!


‘Positive’ Is Power In Your Pocket

Is there any area in your life that you feel as though you are going round and round in circles? Maybe this has been something that has been eating away at you for years, yet every time you have tried to make a change you have ended up where you started or below your previous starting point.  And to top it off, every effort to make a change resulted in a depleting self confidence, greater fatigue and a lack of enthusiasm for life.

You may have even found yourself at a point in your life where it is simply easier to push these things to the back of your mind and ignore their existence.  Maybe if you ignore it long enough it will go away. But, will it really go away or will it leave you feeling more trapped in your life than ever before?

To the left is our friend ‘Fred’.  It’s New Years Eve and he is once again reminded of a habit that has been driving him crazy for years but hasn’t been able to bring about any change.  Fred really wants ‘change’ but…. but…… but…….there are too many ‘buts’ lined up for this change to take place in Fred’s life. 

Fred feels helpless and trapped, he feels anger and frustration towards himself.  Fred’s self talk is filled with negativity towards himself.  This negativity flows into other areas of his life and every time he is reminded of this ‘change’ he becomes a victim, with an ‘I can’t’ attitude and he retreats into his comfort zone.

We make decisions or choices many times throughout our day and you can see above that Fred is ‘choosing’ a load of negatives when he is reminded of this change that he has desired for such a long time.  What if he made a different choice? After all, today’s choices are tomorrow’s life.

What if Fred chose thoughts of ‘positive’ and ‘possibilities’ as his response when he was confronted with ‘change’ and/or ‘challenges in his life?  What if he believed that every ‘change’ and/or ‘challenge’ in his life would reveal a gift that would lead him to a greater quality of life?   

If Fred chooses to look for the gift and chooses thoughts of ‘positive’ and ‘possibilities’ could he alter his state?  Could he bring about a brighter and more positive future for himself and his family? 

‘Positive’ is power in your pocket.  ‘Positive’ is fuel to re-ignite your passion. 

Does it matter that Fred may not see the gift the first time he looks at the ‘changes’ and/or ‘challenges’ in his life?  Does it matter that Fred stumbles a little when he first sets out to replace his negatives with positives?  If you are a parent, did it matter that your toddler stumbled when they first learned to walk? 

With practice, Fred will get better.  With practice, Fred will see the ‘positive’ and the ‘possibilities’.  Soon enough, Fred will feel the ‘positive’ and the ‘possibilities’ and be empowered by them in his life.  Then, something different will happen.  Fred will take action and in some cases, massive positive action. With a little more practice Fred will not only succeed, he will feel free, empowered, victorious and alive.  He will know and appreciate the gifts that came packaged within those ‘changes’ and/or ‘challenges’ and he will be the person he was meant to be in that moment of time.

What changes and/or challenges are knocking on your door right now?  Is it time for you to unlock the power of positive in your life.

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