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Sensei Sandra’s Adventures & Life Lessons

A Page Out of Rosemarie’s Book – Determination, Effort & Enthusiasm

Rosemarie (2)Observing a Genuine Person With a Heart of Gold

Rosemarie has been in and out of our lives for over 10 years now and watching her grow has been truly inspirational.   In the early years I knew Rosemarie mostly as a caring parent of three beautiful young children.   With every conversation and moment that I had with her, I knew there was something special about her.

I wasn’t a parent when I first met Rosemarie, but I just loved her dedication to her family. No matter what she did, she always applied herself with great determination, effort and enthusiasm.  Although she demonstrated such strength of character, it was always wrapped in a gentleness and genuine care for others.

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Courageous Living

What I am hoping to share in today’s blog post is that with the right planning and preparations you will stack the odds in your favour to follow your goals through to completion.  You can be certain that you will be met with challenges that are out of your control (‘uncontrollables’), but with the right perspective you can keep a calm state and…

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Karate Kids Receive A Gift of Power

I get to be inspired by some amazing karate kids at Sunshine Coast Karate and this week was no different.  As a way to share my gratitude for their presence in the dojo and in my life, I was searching for ways to make their experiences more memorable with a ‘touch of magic’.

What is that ‘touch of magic’ all about?  The magic is buried deep within all of our karate kids (and you too) and I see it as my role to guide our students to:

1.  Become aware of the magic from within
2.  Encourage students to explore and use this magic.  The more they can learn about this magic, the more they may be better equipped to apply it in all areas of their lives

The touch of magic throughout this week has been all about ‘personal responsibility’.  For students wanting to earn a new belt, they themselves need to step up and decide what they want, and then follow through with the appropriate actions.

Once we had the foundation of our ‘personal responsibility’ theme planted in the minds of our karate kids, the kids spiced it up with their focus, enthusiasm and their own special flavour throughout the physical aspects of training.  When these karate kids decided to step it up, there was nothing that they weren’t going to do.

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This week I share with you how our amazing Little Champions and the message of ‘The 3 Levels of Focus’ helps me get across the line with my personal challenges as a beginner paddler (one year on the water) as I prepare for a 111km overnight paddling adventure.

06-02 Sensei SnapperOur Sensei Snapper message for our Little Champions Program this week was all about the ‘3 Levels of Focus (Focus your eyes, your mind and your body).’  I hope that our Little Champions had fun exploring this theme at the dojo and expanding their minds, as I know it was the perfect theme for me this week as I entered my final weeks of preparation for my 111km overnight paddle.

“Hocus Pocus, EVERYBODY FOCUS!”  If you were at the dojo this week you may have heard our amazing Little Champions yell this short riddle at the top of their voices throughout classes.  Although I didn’t paddle down the river screaming this riddle out loud, it was in my mind.

The toughest part of the week was listening to that negative voice (let’s call him the ‘Smile Thief’) that sits on your shoulder and wants to tell you how life is and how there is no way that you will ever be able to achieve your goals.  My little Smile Thief seemed to grow bigger and louder throughout the week but I had some magic flowing through my mind thanks to our Little Champions, “Hocus Pocus, EVERYBODY FOCUS!


DSC_0120Check out these smiles on our amazing Little Champions.

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A Challenging Week Loaded With Greatness

This week, it would seem that my training program (based on notes from Japan) has proven to be more than enough to pull me out of my comfort zone.  I’m feeling out of my depths and mid week I came down with a tummy bug which seemed to leave me feeling quite fatigued.  I went with the flow and cut back on my training and allowed other areas in my life to capture my attention.

As it turned out it was the best thing that could have happened.  It was great to have extra time with Sami and Steven as they wrapped up their school holidays.  I also was able to pull together a whole lot of admin work for the dojo so that we could launch ourselves completely in the the school term in all areas of life as a family.

Wrapping up the school holidays with a visit to the Strawberry Farm.

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Back in the Dojo!!!

After an amazing trip to the International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Headquarters, I have arrived home safely to my family.  It’s been a couple of days and I’m feeling very loved and in high demand.   I haven’t as yet had a chance to review/reflect my study notes as every spare moment I’ve had has been dedicated to family time.  I did start…

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