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The Success Focus Mastermind

A networking and education group, proudly presented by

Sunshine Coast Karate

Amongst the membership of Sunshine Coast Karate we have some very talented individuals and business owners. Through the establishment of this group we hope to share the skills of talented people like you in order to help each other develop the necessary skills that will benefit us all in our chosen fields of endeavour.

If success is important to you…
…you’re invited

If helping other people to become successful is important to you…
…you’re invited

If you think you could be achieving more in your life…
…you’re invited

When: Wednesday, 21st October 2009

Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm

At the dojo – Sunshine Coast Karate
2/14 Depot St (Access via Progress Rd)


Nichole Kennedy – Professional Know-It-All

Martin Phillips – Internet marketing: Keywords & SEO basics

Our plan is that Success Focus Mastermind will grow into a regular event with a variety of speakers drawn from within and from outside of the dojo membership. Future events will only go ahead if the launch is successful, so please register your interest now! Even if you can’t make it to the launch, register your interest. By the way, you’re welcome to invite guests too.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is not just for people in business, it is for anyone who wants to focus on success in their life. Sunshine Coast Karate has long been recognised a centre for developing personal excellence. In addition to sharing the knowledge of the speakers and the great networking opportunities, at this event we want to take this concept one step further by launching a new educational package for teens and adults. This package has been developed by some of our own personal success coaches. If you work with the materials in this package, it will launch you forward towards success and you won’t look back. The package will be made publicly available after this event, but you don’t want to miss the launch, trust me!

Register Your Interest Now:

Phone – 0435 255 323 (Martin Phillips) or complete the contact form below:

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