The Best Xmas Picnic Ever!


Sunday 13th December 2009:  Sunshine Coast Karate Members and Families Xmas Picnic and Annual Presentations.

You can visit our Sunshine Coast Karate fan page to check out some of the photos taken today.  Sunshine Coast Karate Fan Page on Facebook.

Great people, great day, great food, great FUN!!!  Even Santa Claus got involved in the water bomb action on the day.

Special thanks to the 2009 Committee who created a spectacular event for all to enjoy.  And congratulations to all members on a great year in the dojo.  Inspirational!!!

Students receiving special awards in 2009.
Lachlan Gilmour
Zoe Grima
Harvey McCormack
Alex Butner-Johnson
Rob Muellner
Haiden Stahlhut
David Strazzari
George Britchford

Be great and we’ll see you in the dojo for one more final week of training for 2009.

Dojo Closed Saturday 19th December – Sunday 3rd January.  Classes resume in 2010 on Monday 4th January.

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