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Chito-Ryu Karate World Ch’ships


Every 3 years, Chito-Ryu Karate enthusiasts from all over the world come together to test their skills and to continue to strengthen friendships.   It just so happens that the next Chito-ryu Karate World Championships takes place next year in August and there is already a large amount of energy and excitement building within Australian Dojos.

At Sunshine Coast Karate we are all especially excited about this event as not only will we get to be in the company of the Australian Chito-Ryu family we will also be heading to Japan where the international Chito-Ryu Headquarters is located.

We welcome you to visit our Sunshine Coast Karate Fan Page on Facebook to view a couple of short video clips which look at some of the highlights we have managed to capture on film.

Sunshine Coast Karate now boasts 11 Australian Team Nominees to travel to Japan in August 2010 for the Soke Cup.  For more information about the 2010 Soke Cup please contact Sunshine Coast Karate instructors.

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