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Convenience for Mum’s and Dad’s At Sunshine Coast Karate


Balancing all areas of life can be fun at the best of times.  At Sunshine Coast Karate we have now extended our basics services to members and families to ensure our kids are getting filled up with some nutritious snacks before they get into their afternoon training.

Willy’s Snak Shak has come up with an expanding menu filled with great snacks that your kids are going to love and you don’t even have to prepare them.

Parents:  All you need to do is to complete the snack box order form (click on link to retrieve), hand into instructors with payment at least one day prior to when you are needing your snack box and the team at Willy’s Snak Shak will make sure that your order will be delivered fresh to Sunshine Coast Karate ready for your pick up.

And a great bonus for all students at Sunshine Coast Karate is that 10% of all products purchased from Willy’s Snak Shak will be injected back into the dojo for some new equipment.

Here is the link one more time to get your snack box order form/menu.

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